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Geniuses at Google

The next few posts relate to IPL 2010. It might look a little dated now, but please remember that I had first written in on April 1 2010 when the IPL was actually taking place – Google have a very good policy. … Continue reading


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10 faces of innovation

 The author of the book 10 faces of innovation is Tom Kelley. He is the co-founder of an innovation company called IDEO. These guys are hired as consultants to generate ideas at their client companies, so they know a trick … Continue reading

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Disruptive Innovation

One of the most interesting books I have read is Innovator’s dilemma written by Clayton Christensen. He starts out by asking few rather simple questions. Why do seemingly profitable companies collapse and die? Most people including me assumed that it is … Continue reading


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Personal MBA

My love for business books started when I was in my previous company Perot Systems( Now Dell). The library there was huge and I had absolutely no work to do :-). I took up one book by random and it … Continue reading


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Built to Last

 Till now I was explaining one term or concept which I learnt from reading a particular book. Now that I have run out of terms or concepts to explain, I will turn to summarizing the books I have read. When … Continue reading

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