Tata Motors – Your marketing department is not so fantastico!

Tata motors have been making good looking cars for quite a while now. I have been their fan since they released the nice little Nano. Unfortunately, the car market never seems to reward them with sales and market share.

I feel one important factor in this is their advertising. Currently, they are running “Its fantastico” ad. Here, watch it –

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it….except India is not a footballing nation. I am sure 80-90% of the people don’t know who Lionel Messi is!  So, the celebrity endorsement  will not be effective. Instead Tata could easily replace Messi with even a second tier cricketer and get much better bang for the buck.

This is not the first time Tata has bungled in their advertisements. When they launched a brand new car Tata Zest, they chose to highlight its engine rather than the car. See the advertisement yourself –

A few years ago, I was talking to my friends about different engines in small cars. Most of them thought  only size matters in engine. So, when they were comparing different models, they said all of them have the same engine as the size shows as 1.2 litre. I believe my friends would represent 95% of the car-buying market. That is, they are not car-enthusiasts. So, Tata should have spent more time showing the car rather than what its engine can do.This advertisement was particularly galling for me because it showed that Tata has not learnt its lesson.

They had earlier released new version of Tata Indica called Vista. When they promoted it as “Sedan – class”. See the ad –


Instead of showing all the new features of the car, it just said “Features of a Sedan” and expect the viewer to know what a Sedan is. Again, I am assuming most of my readers and car-market are not car-enthusiasts and have no idea or vague idea of what a Sedan is.

All these advertisements seem to target the niche or 5-10% of the market and their current market share is in the same range. So, my unsolicited advice to Tata is – please change your marketing department. Make sure advertisements make sense to 80-90% of the people.

Have a look at this advertisement from Jaguar, a Tata’s subsidiary(love to say Jaguar is a subsidiary of Tata) to understand what an advertisement should really aim for –

Then, we can make sure that cars like Tata Nano which are truly innovative and fantastico sell in numbers they deserve to.

What do you think?

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  1. Vasanth

    Totally agree with you. Especially after owning a Zest, I know how good a car it is. The other area they lag in is service…may be i will put up a team bhp post in some time about the service too.

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