Me... On top of the world

Me... On top of the world

I am a Software Engineer working in Bangalore. After I worked in a company that had CMM level 5, PCMM level 4 and other certifications, I grew allergic to companies that follow processes for the sake of it. I have always had a different point of view on many matters related to management and I was encouraged to blog about it in my previous company CDC Software. In 2008, I was introduced to Agile development methodology and since then I also write about my experiences in using scrum and agile.

 I now work as a scrum master in Tesco.

You can contact me at iashishi at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Vinod

    Hi ,

    Like this initiative , a good brief concise summary of B- Books and their ideologies . reminds me of 12manage .
    Hope the updates are regular


  2. Aman

    From whatever little I know I see a huge connect between all human endeavors (science and arts). Never understood why universities had different departments or why students majored in different streams. Like you say ‘read Dilbert and be in management’. Thank you for this, you will aid my learning.


    PS: In reference to a mail I got which brought me to your blog. I do not understand people getting disappointment because they do not get reader comments. I think regular blogging, like regular running/swimming/writing is a discipline we practice for ourselves. So, please do not be disappointed, ever. :)

    • Hi Aman,

      Thanks for your comment.Regarding reader comment, it is my aim to have a raging 500 comment debate on my blog post one day… so to achieve my dream, I force/beg people like Asha to comment.


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